How to avoid losing contact after networking events

Follow up

So you just got home from a networking event, and you have a pocket full of contact information from potential referral partners, mentors, teammates and clients.

You hang up your jacket, pick up your phone… and, if you’re like many entrepreneurs I know, you fall right back into your daily routine, often without building any lasting connections between you and the valuable contacts you just made.

You spent all the time, effort and money to go to the event… but now you have nothing to show for it!

Does this sound familiar?

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The Secret To Balance


Creating Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work… But This Does

For a busy business owner, a healthy balance of work and free time can sometimes seem like an impossible dream.

When you’re trying to juggle your work, household chores, family, health, spirituality, and a social life, having free time where you can just do whatever you want to do might feel hopelessly out of reach.

Because of this, a lot of people ask how to create a good work-life balance. So today, I’ve got an important piece of advice for you, straight from BNI’s founder, Ivan Misner:

Forget about balance. You’ll never have it!

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Your appearance at networking events – Get Your Act Together

Appearance - getting groomed

Is Your Appearance Working For or Against Your Networking Efforts?

When you’re at a networking event, having coffee with a potential client or business contact, or participating in a virtual video meeting, your product and message aren’t the only things that contribute to your success.

Humans are highly visual and emotional beings, and the way you dress and present yourself has a big impact on how people perceive you.

If you look professional, appealing and approachable, they’re much more likely to trust you and feel comfortable around you.

On the other hand, if you look like you aren’t taking care of yourself, it sends a subtle message that maybe you won’t take care of your business contacts and the clients they refer to you either.

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Business Relationships – Why Networking is NOT About Who You Know

Business Relationships

Business relationships – how important are they? You may have heard the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. I’ve heard it many times, and BNI’s founder, Ivan Misner, has even said it. But since that time, he’s come to realize – and teach BNI’s members – that it isn’t about what you know, OR who you know. It’s really about how well you know each other.

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