How to Attract Clients to an Event Planning Business in Pittsburgh

event planning

When people are getting ready to host an event, is your event planning business on their radar, or are they too focused on doing things themselves to even think about you?

While many people are aware that event planning businesses exist, they aren’t necessarily aware of why it’s important to hire one.

Some believe it would be cheaper to handle things themselves, others may have an “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself” mindset, and others simply don’t know what aspects of the event you can handle or why it’s better to have you do it.

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Coaches – How to Grow a Coaching Business in Pittsburgh


Building a coaching practice in Pittsburgh can be both rewarding and highly challenging.  I know, because I built one over the last five years.

You know that you can change your clients’ lives by helping them to build loving relationships, lucrative and fulfilling businesses or careers, the daily lifestyle of their dreams, vibrant health, and much more.

But just because YOU know how big a difference your coaching can make, that doesn’t mean your potential clients share that knowledge, or that they’re ready to pay for your services the first time they meet you.

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How to Grow a Photography or Videography Business in Pittsburgh

Grow a photography business

Grow a photography business?  I know you just want to take pictures who said anything about making it a business.  Well, that is what it takes to make a living from it. If you want to grow a photography business or videography business in Pittsburgh, there’s a variety of challenges to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of.

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How a Customer Journey Helps You to Convert More Leads

customer journey

Some business owners believe that one or two strategies will bring them all the customers they need. They think if they advertise in the right places, post in the right social media sites, or have a good enough website, the clients will come and stay.

What they often don’t realize is that this mindset is likely costing them thousands or even millions of dollars each year!

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How to Use the Chamber of Commerce to Enhance Your BNI Results

chamber of commerce

Chamber of Commerce – If you already go to BNI, should you also attend Chamber of Commerce meetings to grow your business?

According to BNI founder Ivan Misner, absolutely! Many Chambers of Commerce have a broader scope in what they do than BNI does, and they offer a wide and valuable range of services, so attending the Chamber can be an invaluable complement for your BNI networking efforts.

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