Keynote Presentation

keynote presentation

The Ten-Minute Business Keynote Presentation That Get Referrals

If your networking or business group invites you to give a ten-minute business keynote presentation, do you know what to say to get more clients and referrals from the opportunity? What if you sponsor an event for your key clients and/or referral partners and need to give them a short presentation. This presentation style is also a great idea if you have an open house or a thank you program for your partners.  If you are providing a nice spread of food, and other incentives to visit, they will be expecting you to share how they can help you.  This keynote is a way of doing so without asking them to spend more of their own money.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve explored three types of one-minute sales pitches: the basic presentation formula, the “did you know?” speech that’s designed to showcase your expertise, and the “who do you know?” version that encourages people to send you more referrals.

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Sixty Second Commercial – Who do you know?

sixty second commercial

How to Get More Referrals with a Sixty second commercial

When people attend a networking event, they’re usually there to MAKE money, not spend it. How do you put that into a sixty second commercial?

This can make it difficult to sell directly to the members of your networking groups, but it also provides a great opportunity for people who know how to offer them what they want: a way to make more money and be more valuable to their clients.

When a business owner is the go-to authority on where their clients can get all the services they need, potential clients have more reasons to approach that entrepreneur. This means they have more opportunities to see if people need their services, so they make more sales and referrals.

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Sales Elevator Pitch – Did you know?

elevator pitch

How to Make a One-Minute Elevator Pitch that works

Do you know what the biggest, most expensive mistake people make during networking events is? It’s assuming that you’re there to sell to the people in that room.

As I noted in last week’s blog post, most of the people in networking events are NOT there to buy. They’re there to make money, not spend it.  They want to build their business and they are looking for a silver bullet.  This week, I am going to share another statistic with you.  68% of people who are given a referral feel obligated to give business back.  So, think about giving to get and building relationships when networking.

That doesn’t mean you CAN’T sell to the people in your networking groups, but you’ll get much better results if, instead of offering products and services to people who aren’t there to make a purchase, you offer them something they DO want: a referral partnership with someone who shares their target audience.

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Sales Manager Minute

Sales manager minute

Sales Manager Minute – or is it something more?

If you’ve ever tried to sell something during a networking event, you probably know the struggle: everybody’s there to sell, but no one is looking to buy!

As a result, there are lots of sales pitches, few or no transactions, and a lot of people wasting their time and getting frustrated.

And yet, some people make a lot of income by presenting their offer to networking groups like BNI and the Chamber of Commerce. How do they accomplish this feat in places where everyone’s there to make money and no one plans on spending any?

In this month’s blog series, I’ll tell you how to get past people’s sell-only mentality, present your offer in a way that makes them eager to buy it, and turn your networking groups into a lucrative source of clients and referral partners.  How do your turn your sales manager minute from talking to buyers to talking to your potential sales staff.

This week, let’s kick off the series by exploring the most essential, yet often neglected or mishandled, basics of your sales presentation.

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Public Relations

public relations

Public relations can extend your referral marketing and Internet marketing efforts. Last week, I talked about how to use online and offline advertising together to attract more clients and grow your business.

This week, I’m going to give you some powerful strategies for increasing your company’s credibility and reputation through good public relations and word of mouth, both on the internet and in person.

What is public relations when it comes to small business?  Most people think that public relations is all about press releases and the like and that you have to be big in order to use public relations effectively.  I used to have this belief myself until I looked into what industry experts describe as pubic relations.  According to Business Dictionary – public relations usually involves activities that can be described as including activities “through publicity and other nonpaid forms of communication”.

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