Small business growth in 2018 – Grow your top line

Small business growth

How to Create a Life Plan that Helps with Small Business Growth

Mall Business Growth – we all want it – don’t we?  The why do many business owners spend countless hours working on their companies, seeking and serving clients, trying to find referral partners, creating content, and doing dozens of other tasks… only to find that they’re moving toward their goals slowly, if at all.

Some don’t even know if they ARE making progress, or if they’re just spinning their wheels.  They also know that the small business growth that they want is elusive.

Often, this is because they don’t have a clear objective and a specific plan to reach it. Without that, they have no way of knowing which tasks are necessary and which are just busywork, or how to do those tasks in the way that has the best chance of moving them toward their goals.

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Email marketing for your Strategic Referral Partners

email marketing

How to Use Authentic Marketing Emails

Email marketing to Introduce Strategic Partners to Your Friends and Clients can be very useful to both you and your partners. If you’ve been reading our blog posts over the past month, you’ve gotten some valuable strategies and templates for identifying your ideal strategic partners, contacting them, creating a networking follow-up strategy that gets results, and running mutual promotions that get each of you dozens of clients.

I hope you’ve been putting this information to use, because referral marketing is one of the best ways to grow a small business.

People who are referred by a friend are 400% more likely to make a purchase than they would be if they’d stumbled upon you at random – but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed that they’ll act on your recommendation.

You need to be able to get their attention and persuade them that it’s worth their time to take action.

This week, we’re going to explore how you can use emails to introduce your strategic partners to your friends, clients, audience, and anyone else you know who needs their products or services.

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