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Strategic Partnerships for Referrals

8-Step Strategy for Forming Strategic Partnerships that Actually Get You Clients When you go to networking events, are you forming strategic partnerships that grow your business, acquiring new clients, or wasting your time? On average, business owners who use networking as part of their growth strategy spend six and a half hours on it each […]

Keynote Presentation

The Ten-Minute Business Keynote Presentation That Get Referrals If your networking or business group invites you to give a ten-minute business keynote presentation, do you know what to say to get more clients and referrals from the opportunity? What if you sponsor an event for your key clients and/or referral partners and need to give […]

Sixty Second Commercial – Who do you know?

How to Get More Referrals with a Sixty second commercial When people attend a networking event, they’re usually there to MAKE money, not spend it. How do you put that into a sixty second commercial? This can make it difficult to sell directly to the members of your networking groups, but it also provides a […]

Sales Elevator Pitch – Did you know?

How to Make a One-Minute Elevator Pitch that works Do you know what the biggest, most expensive mistake people make during networking events is? It’s assuming that you’re there to sell to the people in that room. As I noted in last week’s blog post, most of the people in networking events are NOT there to […]

Sales Manager Minute

Sales Manager Minute – or is it something more? If you’ve ever tried to sell something during a networking event, you probably know the struggle: everybody’s there to sell, but no one is looking to buy! As a result, there are lots of sales pitches, few or no transactions, and a lot of people wasting […]