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Over the last few weeks, guest writer Frederick Geiger talked about how to get strategic partners, how to identify the best strategic partners for your business, and how to work with your strategic partners to get dozens of clients for both of you.

This week, I want to give you some guidance for tapping into one of the richest sources of referral partners there is: your local BNI.

BNI provides the accountability of a strong contact referral group.

How many times have you gotten a piece of information you intended to implement, started a referral relationship you planned to build and monetize or had an idea you wanted to turn into reality, only for it to slip through the cracks?

It happens to countless people, and one of the most powerful ways to avoid that trap is to have accountability partners.

Attending a weekly gathering of people who know your goals and support you in completing them helps you to stay in action, find the teammates and clients you need, and get feedback and guidance that keep you on the fastest path to your goals.

BNI is the premiere referral organization in the world for small businesses, and that’s partly because we keep our members accountable and in motion toward their goals of building, maintaining and growing their strategic partnerships.

BNI teaches you how to increase your income and impact.

BNI doesn’t just give you a room full of potential strategic partners and say “good luck”. It teaches you how to find the right partners, contact them, build the relationship, and successfully promote each other.

This combination of training and gathering potential referral partners in the same room is so effective that, in 2016, our average members made an average of $24,789 from referrals they received from their fellow BNI members!

And it isn’t just getting referrals that helps you grow your business. Giving them can be just as valuable.

When a client comes to you for a service you don’t provide, which do you think is more helpful to them: saying “sorry, I don’t do that”, or saying “I don’t do that, but I know someone who’s great at it; here’s their phone number”?

When you know where your clients can get help for all of their problems and needs, you become the go-to person whenever they need something. This gives you more opportunities to build your relationship with them, so they’re more likely to think of you when they DO need you.

It also gives you more chances to see if they need your products or services. By asking them the right questions, you can find out about current or potential challenges they’re facing before they even think to approach your competition for a solution to those problems.

BNI  provides a productive weekly business meeting for your sales team.

Have you ever heard or expressed complaints that your business holds meetings, but productivity doesn’t rise as a result?

BNI provides a framework for your sales teams to have meetings that both educate them and give them opportunities to implement their new knowledge and turn it into sales.

There’s always a like-minded audience for your commercial or keynote speech.

How many times have you planned a presentation, hosted a webinar, written a blog or social media post, or organized an event, with no assurance that anyone would read it or listen?

When you deliver your sixty-second commercial or keynote speech at BNI, you’re guaranteed to have an audience full of interested, supportive business owners who want to learn about your business, and who are actively looking for opportunities to form strategic partnerships.

BNI tracks, measures, and makes strategies based on our members’ results.

One of the keys to success is knowing what your goals are, how to track your progress toward those goals, and how to create and implement a plan of action to make that goal a reality.

BNI reviews its key performance indicators weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re always learning and sharing that knowledge with our members.

By doing this, we’re able to give small business owners and entrepreneurial salespeople the strategies they need to achieve their goals.

You can be sure of having a positive and supportive environment.

As you tackle the neverending learning curve that is growing a small business, you’ll almost certainly have times when you feel discouraged, uncertain, overwhelmed, or inadequate.

It happens to the best of us.

When that happens, BNI provides a safe, positive and educational environment where you can get encouragement, advice, feedback and practical help, so you can overcome your challenge and move toward your goals with certainty and confidence.

You meet long-term strategic partners you can trust.

In BNI, we build deep business relationships with one another – ones that often last years longer than any involvement in any one group.

That way, you can stop spending time chasing after, losing and replacing an endless cycle of new referral partners, and build partnerships that last for years and make thousands of dollars for both of you.

Our members commit to being open and honest with both the people who are referred to them and the partners who send them and to follow up with them promptly.

We also teach our members how to work together to get more clients for both partners and to provide better service than either member could alone, which helps them to stand out in their industries and get even more recommendations from their happy customers.

Sharing the stage with prominent speakers adds credibility to your brand.

If you present to the same BNI meeting as a prominent speaker, you can say you shared the stage with them.

This increase in credibility and authority can help you get more speaking gigs, and it encourages people who share your target audience to feature you as a guest speaker on their stages, webinars, summits and other teaching events, so you can get more exposure, leads, and clients.

Ready to get more strategic partners through BNI?

If you want to help more people, make a bigger difference, and increase your income by tens of thousands of dollars while helping other business owners to do the same, we’d love to see you in our next BNI meeting.

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