Business consulting services to consider in 2018

Are you using business consulting services? Most small business owners are good at the technical aspects of delivering their business products and services.  This is true of marketing professionals that can develop marketing materials, lawyers who are great in the courtroom or in creating contracts, doctors who love to heal people and so on.  Michael Gerber, the expert on small business and the author of the E-myth is fond of saying that most small business owners are technicians who got caught up in an entrepreneurial seizure and started a business.  But most small business owners are just plain bad at many of the mechanism of running their own business.

Today, we are going to take a look at things that small business owners try to do for themselves and often times end up wasting the time that they could be spending on business development or delivering the awesome products and services that they have created on items that someone else could do for them.

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Small Business Owners wanted

small business owners

The 4 R’s of growing your Pittsburgh based business in 2018

For those of us that grew up in the last century, the Three R’s were fundamental to our success in life – “Reading – wRiting and aRithmetic. In today’s spell checking world, we could not get away with such poetic license.  But these foundational items did turn out to be essential to leading a successful life.

Just as begin able to read, write and do basic math is foundational in life, some elements are important to business owners.  Four of these items – Reputation, Reviews, Referrals and repeat sales are the topic of this weeks guest blog entry.

My name is Frederick Geiger and I am presenting a series of seminars to help our forming chapters get their groups formed.  I do this in my role of Area Director for BNI in Western PA. I have come to this “calling” of sorts by working with small business owners over the last six years in the Pittsburgh area.  In my work with them on how to grow their small business, I have witnessed all manner of things that were “supposed” to grow a business instantly. I suspect that most small business owners are necessarily skeptical of these claims and are frustrated with how to market their business in these ever-changing times.

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Productivity Tools to grow your business

productivity tools

One of the great things about technology is that it’s always giving business owners new and easier ways to reach their clients, run their companies, and make their work smoother and more efficient.

Today, I’m going to share a list of productivity tools you can use to grow your business and make your life easier.

You certainly don’t need to use all of them, but you might find that some of them make tasks you’re already doing easier, or give you the ability to do something that previously seemed too difficult or time-consuming.

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Being Grateful – getting what you want

being grateful

How to Get More Clients and Referrals This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching in the U.S., and for a business owner, this is a great time to reflect on the customers you’re grateful to already have and the avenues you have for getting more.

Today, I’m going to share some things you can do to show your customers and referral partners how thankful you are for them and to give them reasons to be grateful for you and want to work with you.

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Small business growth in 2018 – Grow your top line

Small business growth

How to Create a Life Plan that Helps with Small Business Growth

Mall Business Growth – we all want it – don’t we?  The why do many business owners spend countless hours working on their companies, seeking and serving clients, trying to find referral partners, creating content, and doing dozens of other tasks… only to find that they’re moving toward their goals slowly, if at all.

Some don’t even know if they ARE making progress, or if they’re just spinning their wheels.  They also know that the small business growth that they want is elusive.

Often, this is because they don’t have a clear objective and a specific plan to reach it. Without that, they have no way of knowing which tasks are necessary and which are just busywork, or how to do those tasks in the way that has the best chance of moving them toward their goals.

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Email marketing for your Strategic Referral Partners

email marketing

How to Use Authentic Marketing Emails

Email marketing to Introduce Strategic Partners to Your Friends and Clients can be very useful to both you and your partners. If you’ve been reading our blog posts over the past month, you’ve gotten some valuable strategies and templates for identifying your ideal strategic partners, contacting them, creating a networking follow-up strategy that gets results, and running mutual promotions that get each of you dozens of clients.

I hope you’ve been putting this information to use, because referral marketing is one of the best ways to grow a small business.

People who are referred by a friend are 400% more likely to make a purchase than they would be if they’d stumbled upon you at random – but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed that they’ll act on your recommendation.

You need to be able to get their attention and persuade them that it’s worth their time to take action.

This week, we’re going to explore how you can use emails to introduce your strategic partners to your friends, clients, audience, and anyone else you know who needs their products or services.

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BNI is vital for getting more business


Over the last few weeks, guest writer Frederick Geiger talked about how to get strategic partners, how to identify the best strategic partners for your business, and how to work with your strategic partners to get dozens of clients for both of you.

This week, I want to give you some guidance for tapping into one of the richest sources of referral partners there is: your local BNI.

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Strategic Partners

strategic partners

When you meet a potential referral partner, do you know how to contact them, build the relationship, and help them send you clients?

Many people don’t, and as a result, they spend countless hours networking, meeting people, and trying to follow up with them, while getting few or no new customers in return for their efforts.

My name is Frederick Geiger, and I’m a BNI area director and certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant who uses referral marketing as my primary method of getting new customers.

In last week’s blog post, I explained how you can identify your ideal referral partners, so you can receive more referrals and make yourself more valuable to your clients by helping them find the products and services they need.

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Advertising – cost effective and referral friendly techniques


Last week, I talked about how to use online and offline strategies together to find more referral partners and get them to send you clients.

This week, I’m going to explore how to use internet and physical advertising to attract more clients and improve your search engine ranking.

I’ll also explain how you can use advertising in conjunction with education-based marketing, so you can help your clients to understand why they need you, thus converting more leads into sales and inspiring the people who respond to your ads to make larger purchases.

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Negative Thinking – is it destroying your marketing?

negative thinking

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Awkward When You Market Your Business

When you talk to potential clients and referral partners about your business, do you feel confident, happy and valuable? Do you feel like you’re doing them a service by letting them know about the value you offer?

Or do you feel like you’re imposing on or annoying them, like you’re a fraud, or like you don’t deserve their money, time or support? If you feel this way you are suffering from negative thinking.

The good news is, selling doesn’t have to feel awkward, pushy or manipulative. You can build meaningful connections and relationships while promoting your business, and feel great while you’re doing it – and you’ll get more clients in the process!

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