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Are you looking to grow your business?

82% of people surveyed in 2014 reported that they trusted personal referrals when they make buying decisions. BNI is the recognized leader in creating structured referral groups that consistently out perform other networking groups at producing the environment in which personal word of mouth testimonials can build business for you.  Check out out meeting and see the results for yourself.

Business Results that you can plan on

The major focus of each meeting is referrals – last year our  average chapter’s average member received 26 referral worth $24,789. And we plan on beating that this year. In fact our  chapters have very lofty goals set for our upcoming year – and we invite you to come to the meeting to find out all about how we conduct business with one another – to find a chapter click the link below.

Get in on our expansion efforts

The Oil Valley chapter of BNI is one of Pittsburgh’s oldest chapters.  When you join an existing chapter you are joining a chapter with an established history  – join us as we work to expand this amazing group.   We have a short video of testimonials of local BNI members to help you understand the value of BNI- check them out and then reserve you seat at the open house meeting.

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Large Marketing Team

However, in BNI® we achieve this by working as a team. We help each other to secure new businesses from our own contact base.

Each week:

  • In a Chapter meeting, every member does their weekly sales presentation
  • Everyone asks for a specific referral or an introduction to their target market

Constant stream of new business

In BNI® when you get a referral, it is business waiting to be done. It is not a cold call, as the other person is expecting your call.

Using the business referral process, we use an online system to pass referrals  and track that everyone gets business and how much business done. With referrals, no more cold calls – business becomes more efficient.

Every week members are also going to invite their friends to the meeting – the visitors are potential customers to all members.

Long lasting Business Relationships

People will only give you good business referrals when 3 things happen:

  • They know your business
  • They like you
  • They trust you

Every time people give a referral, the person who gives it’s reputation is at stake. They must not only like you, they must trust that you are able to deliver good services to their clients.

That is why at BNI®, we meet on a weekly basis:

  • To know each other’s business in depth
  • To build deep long lasting business relationships
  • To develop trust in each other’s products and services

Because of the trust, members will be willing to connect you to your target market, locally and also globally.

What our members say about us

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